Neutrino Black Box - Spyder F3

TricLED - BenNovember 15, 2019
The future of controlling all of your 12 volt accessories is finally here.  For the past year we tested this product and put it through its paces in both the Spyder, SlingShot and ATV, Side x Side world.It has performed flawlessly and no other product compares!  Control all your 12 volt accessories with your SmartPhone iPhone and Android).   Displays real time voltage, current amp draw, Speed, Ambient Temp, customizable setting for Sunrise / Sunset auto on/off or Relay Trigger.The Black Box rewrites the book with intelligent software to make your wiring and controlling your accessories painless.  Aftermarket lighting accessories, seat heaters, radar detectors etc., have been a huge part of the aftermarket scene and now you can control all of it with just a touch on your smart phone.  The Black Box virtually eliminates the need for any dash switches and allows you to customize individual circuit power.  Each output can be configured by variable voltage output, Temp, Speed, Sunrise / Sunset settings etc.  Input custom names for each circuit, real time voltage reading and real time amperage draw from all your devices.  You can set timers for any circuit or tell the system when the current battery gets down to a certain voltage to shut everything off so you will not be stranded for the ride home.  A definite must have for any accessory addition to your Slingshot.