Gen 2 Ryker Jockey Shifter (w/ add-on Light Saber LED)


Available Now!

 Version 2 with TricLED Light Saber LED Option

 TricLED Gen 2 jockey shifter is made from solid laser cut steel, precision bent to hug the contours of the Can-Am Ryker body panels. It features revised shift linkage system that utilizes ball joints on both ends for super smooth shifting. 

The floating shift ball design includes a 2" round shift knob.  Easily removable to change with custom ball of your choice (the thread and pitch of the hex bolt included with the kit is 3/8"-16 x 3/4). 

For riders that love LED, this new version of Jockey shifter is design with flat outside edge so you can TricLED Saber Light (sold separately). Easy install and operate with key fob remote, the Saber Light will bring your jockey shifter to life!

Proudly made in the USA AND PATENT PENDING!