TricFenderZ for SlingShot (2015-2020) **Not compatible with Brembo brakes


Available Now!

They called it a SlingShot for a good reason, it "slings" water and dirt all over your shiny clean bike!!  We couldn't take it anymore, so....

Another TricLED EXCLUSIVE!!! After a full year in development, we are proud to announce our TricFenderz ultimate Front Wheel Fender Kit with multiple LED options.  This was our first product collaboration with SlingLines who are well known for their well designed and engineered SlingShot Roof Systems.

Are you tired of your SlingShot spraying water and road grime all over your freshly washed ride?  We have designed this kit to seamlessly blend-in for an true OEM style look and function.  The fender "tracks" with the wheels to prevent overspray while driving straight or turning.

Designed for ALL model year Slingshots with all OEM wheel sizes including 17" & 18" OEM sizes that were available from 2015-2021.  We have added all three axes of adjustability for the possibility of fitting additional slightly larger aftermarket rims and tires. (Please inquire)

Of course, this would not be a TricLED product if we did not include a wicked LED option package below:

Option 1) TWIN (2) Dual-Color LED strips with Run / Blinker integration - (SEE VIDEO)

Option 2) Fenders Only, no LED option

***NOTE - If you do plan on OPTION #1 above LED options, make sure to add our OEM Plug and Play OEM Blinker Harness to make your installation super simple.

Simple "two bolt" install per side.  

****This system is in the process of being granted a Provisional Patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office***