Sequential Front Fender LED for Spyders (2013-2018)


Available Now!

Fits 2013-2018 Fenders only

One of the most popular Can-Am Spyder lighting upgrades was the SpyderFenderz.
It converted the OE reflectors to led reflectors that featured built in turn signal functionality. This kit features DOT Style reflectors, so that when your ignition is off.. your beloved Spyder can be seen at night when parked in unlit areas.

Once the ignition is turned on, you'll immediately notice the bright LED illumination of both the amber and red running lights. This sequential style LED not only looks stunning.. but drastically increases your visibility when out on the open road during the day or night.

Easy install with plug and play harness & wiring. The only wires that are not plug and play are the wires used to integrate with the turn signal circuit. T-taps have been included for those.