TricLED - Plug N' Play Brake Light Flasher / Modulator Kit for Spyder RT (2010-19)


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Can-Am Spyder RT Brake Light Flasher / Modulator (2010-19)

When safety is paramount, using a brake flasher module is high on the list when it comes to added visibility.  Distracted motorists are on notice when you press your Can-Am Spyder RT brake pedal with our Plug N' Play Brake Light Flasher. This kit comes with an OE style plug and play harness with built in modulator for each rear brake light, the unit simply plugs inline for a quick and easy installation. Once installed your rear brake lights will flash 3 times every time you press the brake pedal.  This flasher module works in conjunction with all of our TricLED safety lighting that is inline with your brake lights.  

Benefits & Features of the Spyder RT Triple Brake Light Flasher

  • Plug N' Play Wiring Harness
  • Brake light flashes "3 times" to catch the attention of possibly distracted motorists
  • Allows for integration with other TricLED brake light mods