The Ultimate in Luxury Floorboards


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When it comes to the best Luxury floorboards on the market no one comes close to the craftsmanship of Vertika!  These floorboards are custom made for Spyder RT 2010-2019 models

Perfect OEM fit and design. Each floorboard is custom made in fabricated molds, hand laid fiberglass for a strong foundation that will last forever.  We've had our first one since 2012 and they are still like new!

What makes this floorboard unique is its multiple position for the driver. Whether in the stock OEM position or a forward highway position.

Ever get caught in the rain? With these boards you and your passenger will stay dry as the water is diverted beneath the boards.  

I can truly say it is a totally different riding experience having a full floorboard protecting your feet from not only water elements but from possible road debris that could get kicked up by the front wheels.

Transform how you ride and experience a whole new level of comfort and security.

Prices do not include shipping which is calculated based on your zip code.

Please also note depending on your Spyder color and age there is some color fading and slight difference from a newly painted floorboards and variations are part of the painting process.  We match color according to Spyder VIN# at the time of ordering.
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