TAC Designs Side View Mirror Stabilizer Kit for the Can-Am Spyder F3T / F3 Limited (All Years) & RT Models (2020+)


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Can-Am Spyder F3T / F3 Limited & RT Models (2020+) Side View Mirror Stabilizer Kit

The mirror design that’s used on both the 2020 & Newer Spyder RT models, as well as the Spyder F3T & F3L models regretfully suffer from shaky loose mirrors. As your bike ages and the mirrors loosen over time it makes it quite difficult to use your side view mirrors while riding, potentially decreasing your side view visibility. We’re happy to introduce that we’ve partnered up with the team over at Tac Designs to bring you guys a quick and affordable solution to this recurring problem. Our mirror stabilizer kit replaces the factory mirror clips with a much beefier design that will keep your side view mirrors stable and shake free, increasing side view visibility while riding, and overall safety at highway speeds.