Spyder RT/RT-S 2020+ Wide Vu Mirrors


Available Now!

These amazing Patent Pending Wide Vu mirrors are a TricLED exclusive.

You can see 35% more (side and rear view) with this product. 
The RT/RTS mirror position from factory does't really give much of a rear or side view leaving you with a large blindspot!!!  With these mirrors almost the entire OEM blindspot is resolved.

Installation is super simple, simply clean your factory mirror with the provided alcohol wipe, peel the special adhesive backing on the back of the new mirror and simply stick them on.

They look OEM with the special injection molded casing that slides over the factory mirror. 

These are not your typical auto part store stick on mirror where images are warped and distorted.  We spent many months designing and working with a large OEM manufacturer to obtain the perfect balance.  These Wide Vu mirrors are the same size giving you maximum visibility.