SlingShot Jumper Port Re-location Kit (2015-2019)


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Fits 2015-2019 SlingShots

If you ever had to jump-start your SlingShot, you will understand why this is a necessity.

The process to jump-start a Slingshot takes a ridiculous amount of trouble, laying on the ground to remove the OEM battery cover, squeezing your hands in the small space to attach jumper cables is a nightmare.

Our kit solves this problem by re-locating a set of heavy duty - 100% brass battery posts to either behind the drivers seat or in the driver seat luggage compartment out of the way.

Here's why ours is better than anything offered out there!

1) We use USA sourced super heavy duty solid brass jumper posts with rubber boots.

2) We use true 4 AWG (pure copper) 18" jumper wires MADE IN USA with "tinned" brass battery lugs and high quality rubber boots for protection from the elements.

**No under sized copper-clad aluminum Chinese wire in our kit!!!

3) We include a 1.25" hole saw for super easy and precise installation of the jumper posts. (saves trip to hardware store!)