Slingshot Blinker OEM Wiring Harness


Available Now!

Simply lift up on the spring loaded lever lock., insert the stripped wire and snap shut.


 This item can be used for all of the following products below:

  • Spoilerbladez - Power and turn signal connection
  • Dual Color Eyebrows - Power and turn signal connection
  • EyeBladez - Power and turn signal connection
  • Wheel LED's turn signal wire
  • Lower Eyebrow - Positive and negative power

If your connecting more than a couple of items you can add the additional 5 pin lever lock for more connections, see below for options.

NOTE - For 2015-2019 you will be able to use all three wires on this harness. FOR 2020+ YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THE YELLOW WIRE.