Ryker Ultra Floorboards. "Free LED with floorboard purchase"


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** Free LED with floorboard purchase **

Since Ryker's inception in 2019 there has been many version of floorboard or "shoe boards" to alleviate fatigue when riding the Ryker long distance or for a long period of time. 

TricLine finally made a unique floorboards custom made for Ryker!  These premium boards allows rider to stretch out, move the feet around for more comfortable riding experience. 

TricLine floorboards are made of hand laid fiberglass, not sprayed on or from crushed fiberglass.  They are so sturdy, it can bear your full weight while standing on them.

Installation is easy, using all the factory mounting points on the Ryker with no holes to drill.  Simply mount to the frame and attach the boards to structure.  The framing allows for full road clearance and does not sit any lower than the current Ryker height.

Lastly, you can light-up floorboard with TricLED signature LED.   Our dual color running LEDs has optimal brightness during the day or night, to increase safety and visibility and now when you purchase your floorboards receive the floorboard LED kit for free!