Ryker Dual-Color DRL A-arm with Plug & Play Connector


Available Now!

TricLED came up with an easy solution by using the front fender light and making an OEM plug with a splitter to power all DRL and dual color items for the front of all your 2019 and newer models.

By using our fender 1:2 splitter kit (sold separately) the installation of a front  DRL is now a breeze with just one simple plug.  You get the pure bright white of a white DRL that morphs into an amber color for turn signal all in one plug.

For those who have purchased the front fender LED conversion kit with optional 1:2 splitter then you're all set.  Simply plug in the DRL module to the extension kit for installation.

Our Dual color white daytime running LED and yellow turn signal design is encased in a smoked flexible tube unlike any other DRL in the marketplace.  With a proprietary Patent Pending design, TricLED is the only one to offer a setup specifically made for the Ryker.
Canbus approved means no fault codes, nano-LED in a smoked tube blends in for a clean look on your ride.  We are the only company to offer a "continuous line" with discreet look when your Bike is in the OFF / Parked position.  
At TricLED were a big fan of a discreet clean look and every light has a purpose and function without looking out of place.