Recharge tape kit


Available Now!

This is a great kit to have in your toobox, it comes in handy if you like to reposition, relocate or just adding an all weather type of adhesive tape to your leds.  The speciailly made clear heavy bond outdoor waterproof tape is 3 meters long in length and comes in 2 different widths of 8mm or 10mm.  

Included in the kit is 4 alcohol pads to clean and prep the surface and 4 primer pad to ensure maximum adhesion to plastics, metal or any painted surface.


Always clean and prep your item thoroughly.  Clean with alcohol and let dry prior to applying multiple coats of primer.  Surface is prep is the key to maximum adhesion on any surface.  


The 8mm tape can be used on our slim line of smoked tube items such as DRL, run/brale /turn LED's.  The wider 10mm is used for all RGB and Chaser type of LED.