Slashback Eyebrows for SlingShot - Dual-Color


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

We are the original creator of the Dual-Color Slashback for your SlingShot, everything else is a COPY.

There are many "copies" of this product but before you purchase, ask them to send you a picture of their product during the day without the lights on!  No other company will show you that because they look terrrible!!! 

Our custom made smoked tube with nano LED's are lined up one after the next for a seamless and continuous look.  Silicone will not harden or soften with temperature and years from now will look exactly how it did when new.  During the day it is a crisp smoked line without the missing "tooth" look on a circuit board.  Keep it clean and keep it classy!

Our Patent Pending technology creates an ultra-bright, flexible, dual color and encased in Black"smoked" casing for an awesome look on/off.

Unlike traditional LED's where all the circuit and resistors are exposed then covered in glue, our design is sleek and blends right in with your Slingshot when "OFF". Features over 140 nano arc circuitry LED's.

Includes a dual mode module to create the white light DRL, then switches to yellow when turn signal is activated.

Easy installation and requires no drilling, just clean, peel and stick. Great looks along with a major safety factor all in one.