Magnetic Mirror Mounts


Available Now!

Simply the best magnetic mirror on the market.  There are no exposed magnets that will snap and crumble out of the box.  There is no "magnetic pull" towards instrument panels like some of the other guys.  

Patent Pending TAC Design magnetic mirror mounts are the answer to those pesky shaky mirror mounts. You will no longer need to use strings and cords to attach the mirrors or suffer from vibrating mirrors while you ride especially during highway speeds.

TAC Designs came up with a great solution.  Using 3D software and vibration/shock data, they were able to determine the amount of force these mirrors sustain and figure the proper magnetic pull required.

The slotted mounts allows for easy adjustments and uses all factory screws.  Installation is also a breeze, remove the 3 plastic plates from the mirror and mount the new metal plates in place.  The new plates are coated for longevity and also prevent corrosion.  

The flat magnetic design means closer and tighter tolerance to  the body and less outward pressure during impacts.  

The result is a superior product with a clean design and no interference with the factory gauges.  One of the best mods you can do if you own a Spyder RT.