Magic Tric Halo Rings & Underground Chasers Kit


Available Now!

Our chaser kit is built using proprietary LED's, coating system and all new controller unit with remote key fob remote.  

An all new receiver and controller box that is more efficient and consumes less power. More run time and less worrying if your SS is going to start after running that demo at bike night. Chaser rings are known to use a lot of amperage and with the SS smaller battery, (SEE OUR BIG BATTERY KIT) most wouldn't be able to run long before you drain beyond the point of not starting.

Our transformer power box is super efficient and at 25% of the size compared to all the others. We have designated outputs for halo rings and chasing underground kit to ensure that the sequence and timing of the rings matches with what's underneath the vehicle unlike the other generic chasers. 

Add the optional Underground kit, it comes with 5 pieces that cover from front to the rear swing arm. Each piece specifically length to fit and without hot-spots for an even glow.

Best of all, our entire system is plug and play with only one power wire to connect to your fuse-box  (SEE OUR FUSEBOX OPTIONS). Our halo underground is encased in a smoked tube for discreet and clean install. The key fob remote is specific to your vehicle only. With multiple patterns the options are endless.