GT3-R SlingShot Rear Wing- Gen 2


Available Now!

100% Compatible With All Known Roof Systems

Gen 2 GT3_R Version with more aggressive looks and styling

On the heels of our tremendous success with our SuperVeloce Carbon Fiber Wing, we are introducing our brand new TricLINE GT3 SlingShot Wing.  Inspired by the "GT3" class of racing that have a wing with a similar appearance and style.

This new all aluminum wing uses our patent pending mounting system that is identical to the SuperVeloce Carbon Fiber wing mounting system. 

This mount makes our products 100% compatible with all of the current Slingshot OEM and aftermarket roof systems.

We took a “clean-sheet” design approach.  We wanted to mimic the unique lines of the SS back-end while making a BOLD styling statement.  Safe to say we accomplished our mission.

Includes two different size "wing tips". One set of small and one set of medium.

100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

Very simple install in approximately 30 minutes with simple tools and limited install experience.

This is a cosmetic product, designed for "neutral" aerodynamic effect.

 *** Requires a license plate re-locater system and of course we recommend ours***

Our mounting system was so unique, that the United State Patent and Trademark Office awarded our wing and mounting system for the Polaris Slingshot a  "Patent Pending" designation with a full Design Patent in process.  (Filing Date 4/24/19 - Application # 62/838,138) .  This design and its likeness will be vigoroulsy protected.