F3T/F3L Mirror Stabilizers


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Are shaky mirrors on your F3T/F3L giving you blurry vision?  

For as long as I can remember, I couldn't see out of my rear view mirror while at speeds higher than 45mph.  The mirror housing over time becomes loose and makes seeing out of them nearly impossible.  

We've tried many things and some work but the long term effects are not favorable due how it is affixed.

TAC Designs has been working on a design for almost a year with multiple prototypes and extensive testing.   

Using a custom 3D mold that fits into the intricate cavity of the mirror and a special shock absorbing adjustable arm you can adjust your mirrors accordingly.  

A quick 5 minute install on each mirror is all it takes and a twist of the arm to adjust tension will help tighten those shaky mirrors and give you a clear view.