TricLED EXCLUSIVE - LIMITED - 2022 R Hood Carbon Fiber Nose


Available Now!

New for 2022 is and exclusive limited run of these 100% real carbon fiber hood inserts. Our version for the 2015-2019 SS were a big hit and very popular!! 

The 2020 R model hood is simply amazing with its new design.  More detail and complex curves than ever before.  With this new look it was only fitting we stepped it up to give this new hood some high end "panache"!  

3D design and modeling helped to take this very complex design to a new level.  Complex angles like this require special tooling and processes in carbon fiber production.  This new tooling allows for a one piece design that is lightweight with complex angles and bends.  

At just 3.9oz or 111 grams it is truly stunning how beautiful it is when you see it in person! 

These are 100% hand made, hand polished carbon fiber.  Apply over OEM trim, snaps in seconds for a perfect fit.

Absolutely stunning addition to an already elevated look of the new front end.  The new carbon simply takes it up another level of exclusivity.  Must be seen in person to appreciate the stunning beauty or real carbon fiber.

****Please note that each carbon piece is unique to its pattern and no two are alike.  Each carbon piece is individually inspected, cleared and polished to perfection.  All carbon pieces are non refundable.