Slingshot Dual Color Roll Hoop LED Light with Run, Brake & Turn Signal


Available Now!

Our first Gen hoop lights has been a big hit and now with the integration of the logic box we can now offer these new dual color hoop lights that help you stand out even more.  These hoop Lights feature an LED Run, Brake, and Turn Signals. These LED strips are encased in smoked flexible tubing so that they're protected from the elements and feature a bright red running light, brake light, and amber turn signal, to increase your likeliness of being seen by motorists following behind you. The roll hoop LED is the highest part of the SS from the rear giving you maximum effect of being seen from the rear of the vehicle.  The product utilizes the TricLED Logic Box (Sold separately) so that you connect your lighting strips with ease using 100% plug-and-play connectors.  Installation is simple and requires zero drilling.