Slingshot 2020+ SlingQuential Upgrade LED's - (DIRECT PLUG & PLAY REPLACEMENT)


Available Now!

**UPGRADE FITS : Slingshot Model years 2020+ with Polaris OEM Headlight Shrouds/Housings

TRUE PLUG AND PLAY INSTALL with Main TricLED Harness included - simple installation.

  • This is a direct Plug & Play Upgrade for the Polaris factory upper and lower DRL’s.
  • This adds a Sequential Amber blinker function  (and Hazards) which greatly increases visibility and safety.
  • 20%-25% BRIGHTER then OEM DRL Units for better visibility and safety.
  • Smooth, even, continuous LED light as compared to OEM unit that is dull, un-even and dim.

These are direct OEM replacement units for the "less-than-impressive" Polaris OEM DRL's.  Three bolt install for the Upper units and two bolts for the Lower units.  We have included a true Plug & Play wiring harness, so there is no wire cutting, splicing or tapping. 

***To enable the Sequential Blinker function, you can add our optional OEM Blinker Wire Harness in the dropdown menus. (Highly recommended, but not required). NOTE - For 2015-2019 you will be able to use all three wires on this harness. FOR 2020+ YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THE YELLOW WIRE.