Premium "Leatherlike" Hand Grips for Ryker's


Available Now!

Following on the huge success of our Foam Grips, we have released our new "Leatherlike" grips.  The smooth surface gives it a premium feel while providing all day comfort.

These custom made foam hand grips are quick to install and make a big difference in riding comfort. The larger diameter reduces wrist-action on the throttle and cuts down on vibrations.  No more sore and tingling sensations during and after you ride. The tapered ends flows nicely with the ends of the grips giving it a nice smooth transition.

Installing these hand grips is a breeze, depending on your model, simply remove the mirror end cap, remove the hand guards if applicable.  Apply hand sanitizer to the factory grip surface, a few squirts inside the foam grip and simply slide them over the bar ends. Wipe off any excess and you're good to go.

These foam grips are specifically made to length and diameter of the factory grips. No cutting or modifications needed. Made in the USA