Chaser UnderGlow LED Lighting for the Can-Am F3 / F3-S / F3-T /F3-L


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Each one of our Chaser LED kit is specifically made for all F3 models. Each LED section and extension has been specifically length to fit your model.  The LEDs have its own plug right at the light source and extensions to reach the designated area.  We make this extra step for easier installation and future add on or replacement is quick, easy and avoids un-necessary unraveling of the entire system like all the others out there. The Chaser lighting uses proprietary IC chip LED's with a custom made protective water proof & UV resistant smoked tube coating that keep your LED strips flexible, but also safe guard against water, dirt and grime. The circuit board has been programmed in-house to offer 60+ unique flashing sequences and patterns including a USA flag color scheme.  The headlight kit has been made with a special adhesive for an inverted install that reflects internally into the headlight.  This unique look was pioneered by TricLED to give you the best effects while keeping everything hidden.  Best of all no apps to download and fumbling with your phone to turn on and control.  We made it with a programmable key fob for easy on and off and function scrolling.  If you're looking to stand out from the crowd this is the LED Lighting kit for you!

Features of the Can-Am F3  Chaser UnderGlow Kits

  •  Over 60 Pre-Programmed Patterns including USA Theme
  • All Plug N Play Connections (Except Battery Connection)
  • Smoked Tube Design for Seamless Look

 Chaser Remote Control Functions for the Can-Am Spyder RT

  • Letter A - ON & moves forward through functions
  • Letter B - Moves backwards through functions
  • Letter C - Changes Speed of Light Sequence
  • Letter D - OFF