2020+ Slingshot Dual Battery Kit


Only 20 left!

Do you run a bunch of LED's?

Do you run a bunch of accessories?

Do you run a bunch of audio equipment?

Have you drained your starting battery before?

Are you getting the best performance out of your electronics???

Do you KILL your starting battery at shows and "bike night" and worry about getting home????

Do you run these accessories off of the puny and under-sized OEM battery they stuck in the 2020-2021 Slingshot...

We have designed a turn-key (pun intended) system to add an additional battery to the 2020-2021 Slingshot to power ALL of your additional accessories.  In addition, we have added all of the parts required to add a Voltage-Sensing-Regulator (VSR) that automatically keeps both your "Start Battery" and your "Auxiliary Battery" charged automatically.

This kit is designed to work with the AGM MotoBatt MBTX30UHD which is available at SlingMods, but will work with any similarly sized dimensions below:

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Dimensions (in / mm) L: 6.54(166) W: 4.96(126) H: 6.89(175)
TH: 7.56(192)


There are almost 20 unique parts in this kit including a custom laser-cut CNC bent battery tray that is installed completely out of sight.  Installation is fairly straight-forward.

Bottom line, if you are tired of draining your starting battery or over-stressing your electrical system with all of the additional accessories you have added, look no further.

 **DOES NOT INCLUDE BATTERY, Sold separately**