Dynamic Driving Spotlight 2020+ RT models and 2019+ F3 / F3T / F3L


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If you plan on doing any type of night riding on your Spyder, you want to see what is in front of you... especially on those dark back roads with no streetlights. Our Dynamic LED Driving Light System for all 2020+ RT and 2019 newer F3 models includes dual 2" 3000 lumens LED driving lights that emit a bright white 6000k on the kelvin scale to perfectly compliment our aftermarket LED headlights. Each light is encased in a waterproof housing and features an integrated heat sink for quick heat dissipation. The kit includes a waterproof switch so that you can easily turn your driving lights on/off with the push of a button.

The lights are held in place with fully adjustable black powder-coated brackets that attach to the front fender mount with the included stainless steel hardware. This mounting location is ideal as it allows the driving lights to project light in the same direction you turn your handlebars. This is commonly referred to as dynamic or adaptive lighting and drastically expands your field of vision when riding around curves since the driving lights are pointed in the direction of where the bike is going next.