Slingshot 2020+ LogicBox Info

We designed the TricLED LogicBox, so you can mod and customize your 2020-2023+ Polaris Slingshot's.  Polaris made changes to the 2020-2023+ that would cause CanBus errors, hazard lights and circuit issues when adding LED or electronic devices to your bike. 

The TricLED LogicBox works as an "ecosystem" with the TricLED items shown below.  It is an electronic module that handles all of the 12 volt power requirements for our LED items shown below.  It also manages the run/brake light signal and blinker signals.  This effectively takes all of the "electrical load" off of the delicate Polaris system removing any possibility of issues related to these modification.  It took over 2 years of testing and development to come out with this product.

Additionally, it makes the installation of any of these TricLED items below very quick and simple, because the LogicBox kit comes with all of the wiring, harnesses, plugs and plug adapter you would generally require to install these items. Not to mention, the ease of future installations as well.

When shopping, look for the "LogicBox Required" badge to make sure you are good to go with your mod plans.  As always, feel free to drop us a line and we can talk you through any questions.

Click here to Watch Installation of a TricLED Logic Box