About Us

As the story goes, TricLED (pronounced Trick- L.E.D) was started in the early 2000’s in the garage of Owner / Founder, Reggy Tan, as a way to better illuminate and customize his own vehicles.  Over 10 years and 300 products later, TricLED has grown into the World’s leading LED illumination specialists for motorcycles, on and off-road vehicles with our products in over 50+ countries and our lights on ten's of thousands of vehicles with a Dealer Network of over 100.   Our #1 passion is offering products that increase rider safety and visibility with style!

TricLED is responsible for every step of the process, from design to installation and sales.  We do not re-package strips of LED lights and sell them as our own.  At TricLED, we go through a painstaking and expensive design process utilizing 3D scanners and rapid prototyping to ensure that you are getting the best fitting, most innovative, reliable, safest and brightest LED’s on-road or off.  Safety is in our DNA.  The underlying foundation of every product we design and sell is SAFETY.  Every TricLED product is designed to make you more visible and noticeable to traffic night or day.  Being safe never made you look so cool.

In addition, we put a very strong emphasis on making sure the parts you purchase from TricLED were made exclusively for your vehicle, even so far as plugging directly into your stock wiring harnesses without the need to cut a single wire or overtax your electrical system!!  Every part that leaves our shop is 100% tested before shipping and we stand 100% everything we sell.