RT 2020+ MEGA Safety Bundle Combo - SAVE $60

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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

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This Safety Bundle includes our four (4) most popular safety and visibility enhancements in one Combo 


1) TricLED Sequential LED SpyderFenderZ

2) TricLED Rear Side Saddlebag Running LED with Reflectors

3) TricLED 2019+ DRL Dual-Color A-Arm with White/Yellow Turn Signals

4) TricLED 2020+ RT Rear Run/Brake and Yellow Turn Signal

5) TricLED 2:1 Front Power Harness

Sequential LED SpyderFenderZ

RT 2019-2020+ Models ONLY

We've replaced the plain plastic and "sticker" with our custom made, highly reflective safety reflector with high intensity LED.    

These OE shape and style is a direct replacement using OEM style plug and go installation for an easy install.

There is no comparison between the OEM and TricLED version, it retains factory style safety reflectors not found in any other product, this ensures safety while your Spyder/Ryker is parked in the dark.  Paramount visibility while riding and letting other motorist know your road presence!  With the integrated sequential turn signal on the Spyder it grabs attention and simply just looks “super cool”

Includes complete run/turn signal integration using a OEM style plug harness.

Rear Side Saddlebag Running LED with Reflectors (Pair)

A popular safety add-on for new 2020 Spyder RT!  These new LEDs brighten up the rear and side visibility day and night.  It's the exact size as the OEM but have the added LED light with safety reflectors.  

Kit comes complete with factory OEM plugs for quick and easy installation.

2019+ DRL Dual-Color A-Arm with White/Yellow Turn Signals

 The new 2019 Fenders completely changed and the setup is now easier with all new OEM style harness.  The kit comes with 4 pcs dual-color A-Arm LEd strip.  They glow bright white when the key is turned on and switch to yellow when the turn signal is activated.  

For all 2019+ new style fender, we recommend using an OEM style fender splitter kit (sold separately).  Once you have this you can easily expand and use this setup for any single or dual color add ons in the future.

You will need this splitter kit to install the Dual-color DRL kit.  Simply choose your model below and select to add the harness splitter if you don't already have one.  

2020+ RT Rear Run/Brake and Yellow turn signal

When it comes to safety, visibility, and innovative products we are your source.  For the past 12 years, we've focused our efforts on keeping riders visible and safe.  Our products are unique, carefully designed to blend in seamlessly into your Spyder.  Unlike most companies that just simply take generic LEDs and make them run and brake, we have a proprietary chip that is dual-color into one chip.  Our LED's are lined up one after another, plus our Pat Pend smoked silicone tube, which protects all your lights from the elements.  We warranty our lighting products for as long as you own your Spyder!

This dual-color run/brake and turn LED comes with the only OEM plug and play harness in the market.  No lever locks to snap or bullets.  A plug into the OEM harness to our blinker module and LED is all that you'll need to do.  The effects are simply stunning.  The way we have positioned the lights is shaped like an arrow so when applying the turn signal it flashes yellow in the shape of an arrow.  

 Front fender power harness kit, OEM Wiring Harness / Splitter (2019+ Spyder)

(2019+ Spyder Models ONLY)

Make your installations a BREEZE with our 1:2 OEM "plug & play) splitter harness for Spyder models 2019+.

This power harness kit is attached to your front fender white LED light and comes with a splitter harness that allows you to bring 12V power and turn signal capability outside of your front fender to power all the safety essentials such a DRL, dual color DRL, and any other auxiliary keyed 12V power without having to tap or splice into any wiring.  This is an essential add on that's a must if you plan on adding any additional lighting to the front of your 2019+ Spyder models.

If installing a fender safety kit with amber and red reflector this is a recommended add on for future expansion and it will eliminate having to reopen the fender the second time to access 12V power.

***DOES NOT INCLUDE AFTERBURNERZ REAR TAIL LIGHT *** You can add separately to your order.