Bajaron Performance sway bar for 2013-2019, 2020+ all Spyder RT models

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If you own a Can Am Spyder you've probably noticed that it can feel a bit unstable.  This feeling is very noticeable when cornering or when riding 2 up especially at highway speeds.  Sway bar or anti roll bars helps reduce body roll during cornering and stability over road irregularities.  These performance sway bars improve overall grip on the road, improves handling, reduces lean and the effects of cross winds giving you better confidence on the road.  The handling characteristics is noticeable instantly providing you more agile and precise feel.  It does not affect front end alignment and it does not increase stiffness or harshness of your Spyder.

Whether you enjoy spirited riding through the back roads or just cruising leisurely the Bajaron's sway bar is a must on the list of modifications.  

Kit includes manual, 5/8" spring steel performance sway bar, black aluminum heim joint end link set, self lubricating delrin bushings, stainless steel spacers, bolts and nylock nuts.