Battery Jumper Port Kit for all Spyders 2013-2020


Available Now!

Another TricLED original product!

Many of us carry a small battery jumper that is cumbersome to use.

For RT owner, you have to unload your front trunk, unzip the liner, peel it back off the back wall, unscrew the two bolts that cover the battery and finally get to the battery.

For F3 series Spyder, you'll have to open the trunk, remove the service access cover, remove 4 push pins tabs, unload the tub. Again you have big jumper cables that will not fit the small terminals of the battery.

Well NO MORE, when you have our latest jumper ports specifically designed Spyders with the battery in the front trunk.

Simply pull off the protective positive cover and connect your ground right there to the frame and crank your Spyder! It literally cannot get any easier!

The kit includes a custom heavy duty 6awg wire (100% copper and made in USA) to feed the battery at full cranking capacity. This wire terminal is connected to a specially designed brass lug that mounts directly on the plastic A arm.

One bolt installation process!!!  Quick and simple.

We also include adjustable battery bolt terminals in-case you have lots of accessories wired to your battery.  This will ensure the all of your accessories attached easily to your battery.