F3/F3T/F3L SideVent Running Light with Turn Signal Integration 2015-2020+


Available Now!

 Now available for all years, please select model below.

These side vent running light with turn signal integration offers great side visibility  while riding and when the turn signals are activated they flash in tandem with your Spyder for additional side visibility.  But when riding it just looks super cool having that side vent glow.  Our Smoked tube is discreet and you would never know the LED's are there until it is turned on.

Simple installation using a factory style OEM harness and 1 single wire tap for turn for all spyder models up to 2019

For 2019+ models, a fender power harness kit is needed.  This allows for power and turn signal wire plug in direct with no wire tap needed.  2019 and newer model no longer has a signal wire on the Spyder except on the front fender.  Please select your model below.