Slingshot Blinker OEM Wiring Harness


Available Now!

TricLED Designed & Manufactured

Simply lift up on the spring loaded lever lock., insert the stripped wire and snap shut.


 This item can be used for all of the following products below:

  • Spoilerbladez - Power and turn signal connection
  • Dual Color Eyebrows - Power and turn signal connection
  • EyeBladez - Power and turn signal connection
  • Wheel LED's turn signal wire
  • Lower Eyebrow - Positive and negative power

If your connecting more than a couple of items you can add the additional 5 pin lever lock for more connections, see below for options.

NOTE - For 2015-2019 you will be able to use all three wires on this harness. FOR 2020+ YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THE YELLOW WIRE.