Ryker Chaser Wheel LED kit


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**PLEASE NOTE - This product was designed and manufactured for Can am OEM wheel specifications. While it may work properly with any aftermarket rims, there are just to many variables to be taken into account for proper fitment and long-term performance.  Therefore, no warranty can be extended if this product is utilized on aftermarket rims.

100% plug and play system!  

Fits Ryker 600, Ryker 900 and Ryker Rally models 2019-Present

Why struggle to piece together a kit by purchasing wheel rings from one source then having to figure out length, solder wires then running multiple wires to a controller that will hopefully run everything together?  

At TricLED, our product is convenience and easy install!  One wire to each wheel, custom length in a Patent Pending smoke tube for clean and discreet look.  Best of all, our kit utilizes  mirror effect on the LED which outputs double the amount of light compared to any system out there!  Our mounting bracket bends, it does not have slots to weaken its overall integrity.  Each piece has been laser cut to precision to ensure exact cuts and a perfect round rings.  The rings are balck powder-coated to finished looks.

The package includes:

  • (3) Precision laser cut wheel rings.
  • (6) total LED strips 
  • A module and keyfob remote (for standalone model)
  • All plug and play wiring harness included for simple installation.