2015-2019 SlingShot Hi-Viz Sequential Mirror LED's with Sequential Blinker Integration


Available Now!

We have worked in this product for over two years.  Multiple concepts, multiple prototypes, long days and sleepless nights to bring this to you.

This is the most significant safety upgrade for the SlingShot we have developed in several years!!!

Introducing the TricLED Hi-Viz Side Mirror LED's with Sequential Blinker Integration.  Custom made, injection molded with smoked lens, mount seamlessly to your side mirror stalks for an OEM look that we are know for.  Bright white LED's when running for additional visibility that is severely lacking from the side aspect of the Slingshot.  When the blinker is activated, units switch to a bright sequential amber signal for additional visibility to other drivers.

Main kit includes the FRONT FACING LED's with mount and the Plug & Play wiring harness that you need for your model year.

The Add-on kit adds an identical REAR FACING LED to the back side of the mount to create additional visibility from all aspects of the SlingShot and the connects to the existing harness (no need for additional wiring).  The rear add-on kit creates an additional level of visibility that has never been available on the Slingshot as it is the widest part of the SlingShot from both the front and rear of the vehicle.

***NOTE - Not compatible with any  type of Front Turn Signal Conversion Kit or Turn Signal Bypass Harness that causes your OEM Blinkers to be "on" all the time.  This is not a common "mod" but worth mentioning as it will not function with this product.