TricLED LogicBox Aftermarket LED Wiring Kit for the Polaris Slingshot


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The TricLED LogicBox eliminates Canbus recalibration and error codes from the 2020+ Polaris Slingshot, allowing seamless integration of LED lighting with blinker and braking capability.

Our LogicBox is an engineered lighting module that pulls power from an aftermarket fuse block such as the FZ-1, that integrates both turn signals and brake lights with OEM harness to provide you with a conveniently located power port at all 4 corners of the vehicle. For the first time ever, you'll have 100% plug n play connectors to expand your Slingshot lighting, like never before. You can power front-end lighting mods such as our new "R" Hood Eyebladez, Dual color Lower Brow Lights, and SpoilerBladez, as well as Both the Upper & Lower SlingQuentials.

You can also power our new Front & Rear Facing Hi-ViZ mirror lights & you can power rear lighting mods such as our Afterburnerz, new Dual color Roll Hoops Lights and GT3 wing LED's. It's an easy solution to expand your Slingshot Lighting.

 Pre-Wires your Slingshot for Plug N' Play Expansion of TricLED Lighting Products

  • Canbus compliant so that you don't have to worry about error or fault codes when plugging in aftermarket lighting
  • Resolves ALL "Blinker Freeze" or Blinker / Brake Circuit Reset issues.
  • Conveniently located power port at all four corners of the Slingshot
  • Supports TricLED lighting products that feature Running Lights (DRL), Turn Signals and Brake Lights
  • Removes the "limit" of TricLED LED items that can be installed due to power / draw limits on the OEM system.

The TricLED LogicBox is the first product to allow lighting modifications for 2020+ Slingshot models without triggering any of the past fault codes. 

LogicBox can be used for 2015-2019 models also - Please inquire.

For instance, if you want to do a 2020+ front-end conversion using SlingQuential, the LogicBox allows you to bypass the freezing issue that comes with turn signals. By employing the LogicBox, you can seamlessly "
Plug and Play" any TricLED lights on the front and rear, without any freezing or fault code errors.