Chaser LED Wheel Light Kit for all models 2013+ (Set of 2)


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Chaser LED Wheel Light Kit fits all Spyder models 2013+ equipped with Brembo brake system

(Set of 2 Front Wheel Rings)

Our Can-Am Spyder Chaser Wheel Light Kit gives you access to over 60 Pre-Programmed Lighting Patterns and is compatible with all Spyder 2013+ models that are equipped with the factory Brembo brake calipers. The remote control allows you to scroll through over 60 different lighting modes, such as Solid Colors, Chaser Modes as well as a Demo Mode that cycles through every single lighting pattern. You even get a good ole' Red, White & Blue Theme.

This kit can either be purchased as a Standalone Wheel Light Kit with Remote Control, or you can opt for our Add-On Kit for those of you that already have our Underglow Kit (sold separately) installed on your Can-Am Spyder.

This kit is tailor made for the Can-Am Spyder application and features two laser cut steel wheel rings with  "Spider" Insignia for a custom look. The rings are finished with black powder coated to blend in with the the Spyder.  Our LED wheel rings is not like other knock offs in the market place where it is shape like a C leaving most of the wheel open.  Our design comes right up to the caliper for maximum lighting.

The LED strip is the only one made of smoke-tube material with Plug N' Play connector that is specifically cut to length for the wheel ring.  Our wheel rings features four chaser LED light strips per wheel (2 light strips facing outwards and 2 light strips facing inward towards the center of the wheel to give you a nice even mirror like flow of light distribution throughout the entire wheel).

Spyder "Add-On" Wheel Light Kit
If you're already running our Chaser Underglow Kit on your Spyder (sold separately), then you will only need the "Add-On" wheel ring option.  The module box and remote control that comes with all Underglow Kit will support the wheel light kit.

Spyder "Standalone" Wheel Light Kit
If you're not currently running our Chaser Underglow Kit on your Spyder, then you will need our "Standalone" kit which includes the module control box & remote control.  If you start with the wheel kit you can also upgrade to the entire underglow kit using the same module at a later time.

Spyder Chaser Wheel Light Kit Benefits & Features:

  • Two Laser cut wheel rings, beautifully crafted out of rock-solid steel to ensure a perfect fit. Powder-coated in black.
  • Custom Laser Cut Spyder Insignia on each wheel ring for that custom look
  • Four LED Lighting strips per wheel - Fully encased in protective Patent Pending smoked silicone tube.
  • 200% greater "light effect" than other manufacturers.
  • All plug and play wiring harness included for simple installation.
  • Fits all 2013+ Spyder Models equipped with the factory Brembo Brake Calipers
  • Each kit has the ability to cycle through dozens of light variations and solid colors.
  • The included RF remote controls both speed with forward and reverse sequence at the touch of a button.