F3 Series Drink Holder with Optional Accent LED


Available Now!

We all know when out riding it is always nice to have your favorite drink along.

Spyderzone has created no ordinary beverage holder but one with functionality and flair to the side of the F3 series models.  Weather you ride an F3 / F3-S / F3-T or F3-L these all mount and install identically.  

Mount one or both and carry an additional bottle or one for your passenger.  You'll never go thirsty that's for sure!  The bottle holder is also adjustable depending on the size of the bottle, simply adjust the bolt to make it smaller or larger in diameter.  Now a bottle holder is just that until you add a little flair with the backlight LED.  Not only the new LED's make this accent piece stand out but the added side visibility is always an added bonus.

Installation connections are made easy with an all plug and play harness for one or both sides with a connection to the customer accessory port on the top left panel.  Everything is included, simply choose one or both sides with light or no lights.

*water bottle not included

Enjoy your ride....