Vanderhall Roll Hoop LED's


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

As an owner and a riding enthusiast I'm always super-conscious about staying safe while out on the road. 

Being visible has been the key for many riders staying safe, but plastering unsightly generic style LED's all over a beautiful machine like the Vanderhall is just not an option.  

The Vanderhall Roll Bar Hoop with "Run/Brake" function is one of TricLED's original signature design.  This custom length Run/Brake LED strip "fires" to the rear of the bike only.  With its high mounting position on the inside surface of the roll bar, it is highly visible when turned on and discreet when OFF.  

The LED strip has a quick connect harness that conencts both LED's together.  Using an included waterproof 3M wire-tap we gain access to the OEM brake circuit.

This kit comes everything you need for your install, including full color directions.  Our LED uses a proprietary UV coating, waterproof and uses a 3M OE style backing for outdoor use.

Our products are unique. We design, test, manufacture and use every product we develop on our own personal bikes.  We never "experiment" on customers rides or offer products that we do not own and drive.  We work, disassemble,  study its wiring diagram, analyze load, voltage and functions to ensure every process is correct before production and offering.

So what does this mean to you?  It means when you call to ask a technical question, we can answer them.  We love what we do and take extreme pride in "doing it right".