Vanderhall Rear Lower Run / Brake plus Yellow Turn Signal Integration


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

This rear lower dual color running red/brake and yellow turn signal is a pretty awesome add on.  Functions as a ruuning red light, turns bright red when the brakes are applied and morphs into a flashing yellow when the turn signal is activated increasing the rear and side visibility.

 The corner position contours the lower cowling perfectly, smoked tube blends seamlessly without unsightly circuitry to distract from the classic lines of the bike.  

Our products are unique. We design, test, manufacture and use every product we develop on our own personal bikes.  We never "experiment" on customers rides or offer products that we do not own and drive.  We work, disassemble,  study its wiring diagram, analyze load, voltage and functions to ensure every process is correct before production and offering.

So what does this mean to you?  It means when you call to ask a technical question, we can answer them.  We love what we do and take extreme pride in "doing it right".