TricRings for Renegade, Commander & Maverick


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

The unique headlight bezel houses the custom fit rings that simply stick on to the surface of the headlight housing. These unique angel rings are waterproof and has a special foam acrylic backing to help absorb the ruggedness of off road riding! These are not cheap knockoffs from overseas. Our rings are designed, tested and built by us! There is no resistor box, big connectors and no flimsy plastic rings for covers that will accumulate dirt and mud. Our rings use a special waterproof coating with UV inhibitors to help protect it from the elements. 

4 colors to choose from - bright green, red, blue, white. Kit comes with 4 rings, connecting blocks for easy install and an LED lighted switch. You will only need to provide wire from your battery or power source to the switch and connecting block.