SuperVeloce Carbon Fiber GT Style Wing for Slingshot


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

There are many wings on the market, but we nailed this one!.  The Slingshot has many different "angles" and some people feel the designers left the rear end of the vehicle un-finished.  So, we embarked on a journey to FINISH IT!!  

We did not want to use an existing mass produced "off the shelf" wing.  We wanted an under-stated and "elegant" design that complemented the Slingshot, not overpowered it.  We did not want to use the roll bar mounted location which we feel forces the wing into a less than ideal location. So, we did what we do, and started from scratch. 

We had a 100% hand laid, hand polished Carbon Fiber Wing made to our own design and specifications to fit the unique lines of the Slingshot.  So, after several designs we had the wing we wanted, but we still needed to design a bracket system that was worthy of the piece of carbon fiber ART that we created.


After months of additional design and engineering in the good ole USA, we came up with a design we all fell in love with.  It required NO DRILLING, and used only OEM bolt hole locations.  It had no compromise in terms of design and best of all was SIMPLE.  Our mounting system also provided us an additional platform to develop optional LED run/brake/turn signal integration modules that will be released in the next couple of months.

Our mounting system was so unique, that the United State Patent and Trademark Office awarded our wing and mounting system for the Polaris Slingshot a  "Patent Pending" designation with a full Design Patent in process.  (Filing Date 4/24/19 - Application # 62/838,138) .  This design and its likeness will be vigoroulsy protected.


***This is a purely cosmetic enhancement and is not designed to provide any down-force or aerodynamic effect.***