Ryker Back of A-Arm dual color Red running and yellow turn signal


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

Visibility is one of the key things to staying safe while out riding.  With all the distractions going on being visible is paramount!  These new rear facing dual color strips not only grabs attention but is also functional!  If you already have one of our front facing dual color white and yellow DRL then you will want to have these awesome addition.  We include a special 1:4 splitter and installation is as easy as swapping out your current 1:2 splitter with the new 1:4 splitter and connecting the 2 additional lighting strips.  

Each kit comes with 4 specially designed dual color Led's enclosed in our proprietary smoked tube.  The look is discreet when off and stunning when it's turned on.  These strips are angled outwards for maximum visibility to others behind you and to the side.