LED Headlights for Spyder RT


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

LED headlights has been around for years. We've been running them for a few years ever since our 2012 RT. They looked great on the bike but very un-useful for driving lights. Many of you have asked over the years and my reply has always been I would not sell anything that I don't believe in or use myself. Until now! Sure I've seen all the post on LED's that some sell and they always show you headlight pictures and how white it looks on the bike but never looking down the road. The only way to get this done was too spec our own LED's. This project has taken us 8 months and countless test in the lab and real world testing driving at night to make sure it is better than factory OEM's. We designed a specific throw and tolerance on the bulb to give you maximum light output and spread and also be able to penetrate down the road the way a driving light is suppose to be. 6000K color ensures that it is the brightest and most usable light for driving. Higher temps gives you more blue and less projection, lower color temps and you'll blend right in with traffic and safety visibility starts to diminish. It is why most motorcycle accidents happen when cars pull out in front of them, other drivers just don't see them because their headlights is the same color as everything else around them. When your coming down the road with these you are right away spotted because of the bright white color, very much like many new cars coming down the road with LED's or HID's. A big advantage over HID's is you have no high power ballast and no RF signal interference emitting from their ballast. At TricLED, we might not be the first but e're the first to do it right. That's what were known for! We test and use every product we sell and stand behind them!

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