2020 RT limited top case Run/Brake and yellow turn signals

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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

If you have an RT limited these top case safety lighting is one of the best ways to light up the rear of your Spyder.  They are up high and also face out to the side for maximum visibility.  These super bright LED lights conform to exactly what you already have on your Spyder, Red running lights, Brighter red brakes and when turn signal is activated they morph from red to yellow the way turns signals are suppose to be, not red!  When safety is paramount, it is important that turn signals comply and confirm the way your Spyder was certified through DOT.  We often see a mix of factory yellow oem turn signals and then red aftermarket signals.  It is important to signal properly and clearly state your intentions on the road.


Our LED's are manufactured and designed in house, Smoked tube silicone protects the LED's from the elements and our OEM matched harness means it's a simple one plug process installation with zero open wires to figure out!