Rear Brake Safety Flasher (license plate mount)


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TricLED Designed & Manufactured

**Mounts directly on to license plate, not compatible with any license plate covers**

Safety is the biggest factor whenever we ride.  

With more distracted drivers, we need all the visibility we can get.

This LED strobe module uses our super bright nano LED's mounted in a custom bracket.  It mounts directly behind the license plate and uses the 2 bottom bolt holes of the license plate.  The side bracket mount can be adjusted for tilt to get maximum visibility.

The nano LED module is made from a waterproof aluminum casing with special focal lens to emit an amazing bright light.  Three flash patterns to choose from, Rapid flash, slow flash and solid on.

Included in each kit are 2 high intensity red flashers, custom license plate bracket and an OEM harness for simple installation.

OEM harness is provided for simple plug and play.

See why this product sell out at every show we attend!