Neutrino "Aurora" plus Smartphone Controller


Available Now!

The Neutrino Aurora plus Black Box, the latest and greatest has been upgraded to pack in more features than ever before. Now with features such as 3rd party headlight modulation, speed sensitive 3rd party brake lights, garage door add on controller and much more. Read all about the new features and see why the black box is a must have item.

This is one of the best mods you can do to any vehicle. Convenience, simplicity and state of the art like never before. We've been using the Black Box since 2015 in multiple motorcycles including off road and it brings a whole new level of control and convenience never seen before. Waterproof and double the amount of amperage (60 Amps total) capacity with virtual reset-able fuse. You set the amount of amperage for each accessory.

Control all your 12 volt accessories with your SmartPhone via Speed, Ambient Temp, Push Button, Sunrise / Sunset or Relay Trigger
 Aftermarket accessories, seat heaters, radar detectors, phone charger or any auxiliary lighting have been a huge part of the aftermarket add ons. The Neutrino Black Box virtually eliminates the need for any dash switches and allows you to customize individual circuit power by Temp, Speed, Output, Sunrise / Sunset, etc., leaving your 12 volt customization to the imagination.

You can Download the FREE Android and IOS app with the links below:


Installation is a easy as connecting the positive and negative to your battery terminal, connect the yellow relay wire to any running light and your all set. Download the app and start connecting your accessory to any of the 6 outputs.